About RSCL

Legal practitioners, engineers, architects, consultants, academics or real estate specialists, members of the Romanian Society of Construction Law, work together, sharing their ideas and research results, to provide the best answers to the practical challenges encountered in the construction field.

Among RSCL`s objectives we can name supporting arbitration in constructions field, consultancy with people interested in construction law and related areas, editing specialized periodical publications, organizing preparation courses, seminars, conferences and public debates, initiating, promoting and developing any actions that support the above mentioned field, developing own programs and in partnership with public authorities from Romania and abroad.

Annualy, RSCL is organizing an international scientific conference and a number of seminars, creating in this way the necessary platform to debate the most recent topics in the construction field.

In 2015 started publishing two double-blinded peer-reviewed open-access international academic journals, ┬áthe ÔÇŁRomanian Construction Law ReviewÔÇŁ and ÔÇŁPerspectives of Construction Law JournalÔÇŁ. The journals publish scholarly research papers on key issues and developments in the legal field, as well as the contextual work about the relationship of law with other disciplines related to the field of construction. The Romanian Construction Law Review is gathering scientific articles from practitioners and academics, including doctoral students, in order to provide the latest news and issues that stirs interest in construction law field and the Perspectives of Construction Law Journal gathers a selection of articles from the annual conference of the Society.

The Romanian Society of Construction Law holds this year the Presidency of the European Society of Construction Law and is a member of the International Society of Construction Law.

Due to its activity, RSCL was empowered to organize in Romania, in 2018, the European Annual Conference of Construction Law.