The First European Construction Law Summer School

The First European Construction Law Summer School

For a long time the construction industry was a local, national industry. Those days are long gone: architects work all over Europe and even the world, and so do contractors. Procurement law does not have its roots in European law, but nowadays is almost completely governed by European law. Construction contract law is still to a large extent dominated by national law. So when businesses are interested in working in other countries, knowledge of national legal systems and principles as well as knowledge of European procurement law is essential. It is for that reason that the European Society of Construction Law (ESCL) has taken the initiative to organise a Summer School on European construction and procurement law.

This Summer School will give master students and young professionals an insight in different systems of construction law used in European countries. In every class the principles and legal system of construction law in two different European countries will be explained and the differences will be compared and discussed.

Following this Summer School will give students a unique insight in the principles and systems that are shared and those principles and systems that are unique to a country, and its historical background.

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