Call for the General Assembly

Call for the General Assembly

The Chairman of the Romanian Society for Construction Law, Mr. DUMITRU Ovidiu-Ioan, based on the provisions of art. 12.5 of the Constitutive Act and Article 15 paragraph 4 and paragraph 5 of the Statute of the Articles of the Association  of the RSCL and of the provisions of GO nr.26 / 2000 on associations and foundations, as subsequently amended and supplemented,


Meeting of the General Assembly for March 10, 2018, at 12.00 pm, held at Romexpo, “Nicolae Titulescu” Hall 65-67, Marasti Blvd., Bucharest, having the following:



1. Debate and approval of the Auditor’s Activity Report for 2017.

2. Debate and approval of the Board of Directors Activity Report for 2017.

3. Debate and approval of the annual statement of accounts 2017.

4. Approval of the activity plan of the Romanian Society Construction Law for 2018.

5. Debate and approval of the revenue and expenditure budget for the year 2018, in particular the approval of the budget required for the organization of the Conference of the European Society for Construction Law.

6. Approval of the organizational team of the ESCL conference.

7. Debate and approval of the Regulation Election  on the Organization the Board of  Directors and the Auditor elections following the end of their mandates.

8. Establishing the date for the General Assembly of the Sociey for holding the elections for the Board of Directors and the Censor.

9. Modification of the constitutive act and Articles of Association of the Romanian Association for Construction Law, following the withdrawal of some of the founding members

10. Miscellaneous


Ovidiu Ioan DUMITRU



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