The Romanian Association of Construction Law organizes in 27 October, 2017, in Bucharest the third edition of the ”New Perspectives in Construction Law” Conference. This year debate will focus on “Implementing BIM in construction projects”

In the construction industry, the added value is given by design, build and then operate in an efficient way the buildings and the related facilities. This makes the finished “product” to be the focus for all parties involved in the project. At the same time, the conditions of increasingly rigorous on the construction market, the customer requirements and the advanced technologies determines the desire for well-structured information to design, build and manage successful construction projects. The maintenance and communication between stakeholders has been and will remain a challenge, and in this regard, BIM is currently the best available technology to structure information of a project better and more useful for people who use it and for a wide range of computer systems, ultimately to support the activities of all members of a team project.

According to some, BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a type of software. Others believe that BIM is the 3D virtual model of buildings. Others that it is a process and there is nothing more than the collection of all data from a construction project and organize them in a database easily questioned, both in form “visual” and in “number” one. We can say with certainty that BIM is everything we listed above and much more…

Speakers invited to attend the conference this year will speak about the successful implementation of BIM in a wide range of projects types, in all phases of the lifecycle of the project, from the idea and to its management and the opportunity to impose by legislation in the field, the use of BIM in public projects, according to the British, German or Italian model.

Besides the main theme, that of implementing BIM, there will be addressed also current issues such as methods of dispute resolution in construction, contracts model (administrative, civil or standard forms), rules on the authorization of construction or their quality.

The third edition of the „New Perspectives in Construction Law” Conference will be opened by representatives of international and romanian leading professional organizations in the field, and the event will continue with a session given by BIM specialists, both from Romania and abroad, in an attempt to address the challenges posed by this area, where we are and where we will be in a few years. The conference will involve also organizing an Academic Forum, in which will be presented scientific papers submitted at this edition.

Lastly, the event offers a great networking opportunities for professionals in the construction industry. This is why we will organize a workshop that will bring together both academics and especially appreciated practitioners.

The event will take place at the Technical University of Civil Engineering in Bucharest (Blvd. Tei 124)