Seminar RSCL: Building Information Modelling

29 iunie 2017

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“New Perspectives in Construction Law” – the second edition of the construction law conference in Romania, 30 September 2016, Bucharest.


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Recent articles

  • Offences under Law no. 50/1991

    With the entry into force of the new Criminal Code and the New Code of Criminal Procedure, art. 24 of Chapter III (“Liability and Sanctions”) of Law. 50/1991 on...

  • Interior modifications for constructions in protected areas

    The Romanian legislation, through Law no. 50/1991 imposes the obligation to obtain the construction permit even in situations that refer to interior modifications for constructions in protected areas. The...

  • Reception of construction works and the related facilities

    The regulation regarding the reception of construction works and related facilities was modified and supplemented by Government Decision no. 444/2014 published in Monitorul Oficial no. 409 dated June 3,...

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